About ClubControl

ClubControl has three main parts:

Client – customer’s computer program.

Server – cashier’ s, administrator’ s and director’ s program.

“Home” server – director’s program that allow remote administration via Internet or LAN.

Software was created to:

automate cafe administration

automate staff control and accounting

simplify user interface

protect computer against destructive user actions

There are only three actions required to lease computer (sell computer time, or “start session”): select computer(s), specify amount of leasing time and confirm this action. Program will automatically calculate leasing cost depending on amount of time, day of the week, tariff and computer selected. Also you can specify amount of money that customer want to spend and program will calculate how much time he or she can work with computer.

You can serve more than one customer at once same way by selecting multiple computers. And this action is automated too: program can automatically select vacant computers, sort computers by remaining credit, time and other parameters. It is possible to reserve computer for next day, next week etc.

Various useful functions are developed for cafe operators and time selling. For example, pressing Ctrl+number from 1 to 6 will select appropriate number of free computers, trying to fill as close as possible free spaces.

Computers are surely and gently locked when they aren’t used. Customers will be offered to pay in addition and continue their work when session ended. No data will be lost. You can combine some locking features such as Internet traffic blocking, screen locking and more.

Every financial transaction is logged and stored secure. Based on this logs program can generate fully customizable reports that can contain almost every information such as income or even all operator’s actions. There is also special table view – an obvious representation of logs. You can clearly notice every small difference between used and paid computers using this tool. There will be no chance to steal your money… or forgot to add cash to cash machine.

Using statistics feature you can graphically view average popularity of time of the day or day of the week and monthly or yearly income for specified tariff. You can view statistics for every period.

Client interface uses sections to display different types of links such as games, software applications or multimedia. Using ClubControl Platinum skins you can draw your own skin to match your cyber club or internet cafe design.

Some ClubControl features

Billing and built in Firewall. You can securely share your internet connection with built in sniffer and firewall. No additional software or operating systems needed. Firewall can deny access to any Internet resource for any tariff. For example you can define tariffs: “chat”, “online games”, “web surfing only” etc. i.e. you can define what sites are allowed for current tariff. Using sniffer you can count traffic for almost every network configuration. Limiting internet speed is also possible. For addition you can define traffic exceeding actions. You can show warnings or even limit download speed. It’s very useful when customer didn’t understand traffic terms clearly.

Sniffer – traffic counting module.

Firewall – traffic blocking module.

Security. Using brand new process control system, you can deny harmful programs for any tariff particularly. For example, if you deny explorer.exe and iexplore.exe and then click on a link from another program nothing will happen. It will work even if program will be downloaded from Internet, copied to a “strange” place and then renamed.

One of the main parts of ClubControl is locking. It must prevent customers from using computers without administrator’s permission. Before ClubControl it was very simple – all programs was terminating or minimizing when you tried to launch them. Often customer could work with that program for a second or two. ClubControl uses low level locking algorithms that can prevent such actions. You don’t need to delete task manager, rename system files or everything. Just select locking method and enjoy! You can minimize all windows and deny access to them, deny mouse or keyboard, reboot, turn off monitor (it’s also a power saving method).

Reliability. All data stored reliable and there are backups creating automatically. Client computers are working normally and will be locked automatically on session end even when there is no connection with server. If there is a failure just restart program. No information will be lost.

Easy to configure. Configuring and updating program can be done right from server. You do not need to run from one computer to another. Even more there is built in (and separate as well) remote administration feature (like RAdmin).

Plug- ins support. With plug- ins you can extend program as you like.

Performance. Program was written on С ++ and can work fast and safe even on obsolete computers.